The story of Aran Cashmere begins in June 1995 thanks to the energy and the creative spirit of three young linked by a common thread, as precious as Cashmere and as noble as the passion for an ancient tradition.
Our company was born with the birth of a family having in its DNA the love for knitwear and for a work of craftsmanship rich in history, which puts an ancient knowledge at the service of experimentation and innovation.
High-quality products, attention to details and a refined taste are the distinctive features that, for twenty years have characterised Aran’s garments. As a result of a long-lasting experience in this sector, the creations of our Company are aimed at contemporary women and men who love the value of naturally comfortable fabrics without sacrificing style.


Those three young, after twenty years, have the same initial energy with a renewed passion, strengthened over time. They believe that the use of Cashmere, silk and the precious yarns of the best Italian spinnings is an essential condition for the creation of high-quality garments.
Those young, who have become young entrepreneurs, and their talented team have shown a great creativity also in the design of the garments and in the choice of the colour range of the fabrics, by realizing models with a strong, precise and distinguishable personality.
Passion, hard work and experience, like entwined threads, have therefore woven the fabric of Aran’s history. A story that is going on and is increasingly looking to the future and the national and foreign markets with a precise wish that is proposing collections of garments having the same common thread: the nobility of Cashmere and silk combined with the originality and modernity of the models.